The Causse de Sauveterre offers incredible lunar landscapes.

On this causse has been created a strange place called Utopix, a kind of other planet.

This is its story:

In 1974, Jo and Dominique meet. Jo, a painter and sculptor has the project to build a curvy, arty home following “Vital architecture” precepts,

He thinks of Lozère for its reputation of french desert.

The young couple buys 11 hectares of Lozère before getting married in 1975. They move near Paris in 1977, and get their building permit the following year. In the spring of 1979, Jo starts building the first dome of his ideal palace.

In 1980 come running water.

From 1979 to 1988, Jo spends most summers building up his “igloos” ( in winters he paints) in cinderblocks, then covered with stone.

Meanwhile Dominique raises funds and children: Pierre (1980), Soline (1983) and Gabrielle (1987).

Three kids in a flat and slow progress on the building make the family to buy a house in Mende (near Utopix) in 1988. Sylvain borns in 1990.

Word of mouth is working, reputation is growing. More and more curious locals come to take a look at this funny house.

Medias come too, radios, TVs, newspapers investigate.

To meet the demand, Jo decides to open officially the home to visitors in 1993. He is now working 365 days a year on the site.

In 1994, the place is named UTOPIX and a new adventure begins.

Around the house which is becoming more comfortable, especially since the installation of solar panels in 2000, Jo has created an amusement park (mini-golf, labyrinth, etc.), many sculptures including various unknown species of animals as the now famous stones dino.

The interiors are partly open to visitors.

To summarize:

It is together a home, a sculpture and a museum (drawings, paintings...).

On site, you can view the evolution through a photo album, send a postcard and have a drink.

The landlady gives information to interested visitors while the creator and landlord welcomes them.

The adventurous young Pillet follow their parent's path but in different subjects...